Javad Safari

Film Music Composer
Film & Music Producer

A Selection of My Projects

Emotional music with a repetitive structure that is an influential backdrop for this poetic documentary.

This work explores human existence in today’s society and experiences we all encounter.

Music composition for a Viaplay series.

A neofolk album which features electronic folk and industrial music based on poems by Khayyam.

About Me

Music has been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember. It began with the hand-built instrument my father made me when I was just a toddler in my home country of Iran, and led me thereafter to music school and music university in Tehran; which was very unconventional choices in a country where working with art and music are difficult, to say the least.  

I’ve been engaged with music and art in various ways my whole life. I am a professional player of percussion and the Persian instrument santour, and have worked with several different projects and orchestras during the years. I worked as a qualified composer and music producer in my own music studios in Tehran for over ten years, working with composition, music production and sound design with numerous clients and genres. I also worked as a freelance sound artist in several performances and installations within the Iranian art scene. 

Life in Iran changed, and I sought my way to different parts of the world. Sweden became my new destination and after first landing in Gothenburg, I am currently situated in Stockholm. In Sweden I continued my freelance work in composition, music production and sound art. In order to get to know the Swedish music scene, I decided to study music production in Kulturama, Stockholm and thereafter I continued my studies at The Royal College of Music, Stockholm and Stockholm University of the Arts, where I graduated as a Master of film music composition in 2021. 

After graduating I started Veyde AB, a company focusing on music and media in various ways. One part is the freelance work in composition and music production, the other Harmonic Tunes a record label and music publishing sub company and Veyde Productions a film production sub company.